For the Schools

The University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture’s Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology provides teachers and students with limited access to living and preserved insects and other educational resources. The three most common venues are the annual Insect Festival, school visits by graduate students, and visits to the Arthropod Museum on the Fayetteville campus.

• The Insect Festival of Arkansas

We highly recommend the Insect Festival of Arkansas held in the fall of even years. It provides exposure to living and preserved insects, spiders, and other arachnids, as well as games, information booths, and films. For more information,  visit the Insect Festival of Arkansas webpage.

• School Visits

The graduate students involved in outreach visit schools and other venues in Northwest Arkansas, showing cases of preserved insects, giving brief presentations, and answering questions. For more information contact the Outreach Coordinator at

• Arthropod Museum Tours

The Arthropod Museum houses the largest insect collection in Arkansas. It is primarily used for research, reference, and college-level teaching, but we welcome limited numbers of visitors. Preferred group size is 10 or fewer. Occasional groups of up to 25 can be accommodated if classroom space is available. Visits must be arranged in advance. For more information contact